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아이들 책에 국한 된 부분들을 placeholder로 만들어, 책을 만드는 프롬프트 템플릿 작성을 시작할 수 있을 것 같다.


ChildrensBookPlugin – BookIdeas

based on a topic about {{$INPUT}},
create a list of {{$numIdeas}} ideas for a children’s book
the book title and a short description,
represented as a valid json string, as an array of [{ “title”: “the title”, “description”:”the short description” }]

사용자가 입력한 내용을 요약한다.




based on {{$INPUT}},
write me a children’s book with at most {{$numWordsPerPage}} words on
each page and a maximum of {{$numPages}} pages.
Return it in JSON using the following format: [{ “page”: 1, “content”:”the content of the page” }]
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