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Document 수준으로 다루니 Document에 대해서 분명하게 알아야 합니다. 여러 파일 들을 묶어 하나의 document로 다룹니다. 



This is a .NET class called Document that represents a collection of files and metadata, such as tags and ownership. Think of it like a digital folder that can hold multiple files and additional information about those files.

**Key Components:**

1. **Id**: A unique identifier for the document, which is also used as a pipeline ID.
2. **Files**: A collection of files associated with the document.
3. **Tags**: A collection of tags associated with the document.
4. **AddFile**, **AddFiles**, **AddStream**: Methods to add files or streams to the document.
5. **AddTag**: Method to add a tag to the document.

**How it works:**

When you create a new Document object, you can optionally provide an ID, tags, and file paths. The ID is validated to ensure it’s in a compatible format for storage.

You can add files to the document using the AddFile or AddFiles methods. If a file with the same name already exists, the system generates a new unique filename.

You can also add tags to the document using the AddTag method.

The AddStream method allows you to add a stream content to the document, which is like adding a file, but with a stream of data instead of a physical file.

**Security and Validation:**

The code includes methods to validate the ID and ensure it only contains allowed characters (alphanumeric, underscore, dot, and hyphen). It also checks for invalid characters and replaces them with an underscore.

**Random ID Generation:**

If no ID is provided when creating a new document, the system generates a random ID using a GUID and a timestamp.


Think of a Document object like a physical folder where you can store files and notes (tags). The ID is like a unique label on the folder, and the files and tags are like the contents of the folder.

The AddFile and AddStream methods are like adding papers to the folder, while the AddTag method is like adding a sticky note to the folder.

The validation and sanitization methods are like a quality control process that ensures the ID and file names are in a compatible format for storage.

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