Intelligent Conversational Software Development – Prompt (4/) – Best practices for prompt engineering with OpenAI API

프롬프트 작성을 위한 기본 원칙들을 다룬다. 예로 제시 된 프롬프트들은 모아둔다.


Write a short inspiring poem about OpenAI, focusing on the recent DALL-E product launch (DALL-E is a text to image ML model) in the style of a {famous poet}


Summarize the text below as a bullet point list of the most important points.

Text: “””
{text input here}

원하는 형식이 있는 응답

Extract the important entities mentioned in the text below. First extract all company names, then extract all people names, then extract specific topics which fit the content and finally extract general overarching themes

Desired format:
Company names: <comma_separated_list_of_company_names>
People names: -||-
Specific topics: -||-
General themes: -||-

Text: {text}

few-shot인 경우

Extract keywords from the corresponding texts below.

Text 1: Stripe provides APIs that web developers can use to integrate payment processing into their websites and mobile applications.
Keywords 1: Stripe, payment processing, APIs, web developers, websites, mobile applications
Text 2: OpenAI has trained cutting-edge language models that are very good at understanding and generating text. Our API provides access to these models and can be used to solve virtually any task that involves processing language.
Keywords 2: OpenAI, language models, text processing, API.
Text 3: {text}
Keywords 3:

하지 말아야 하는 것 대신 해야 할 일을 

The following is a conversation between an Agent and a Customer. The agent will attempt to diagnose the problem and suggest a solution, whilst refraining from asking any questions related to PII. Instead of asking for PII, such as username or password, refer the user to the help article

Customer: I can’t log in to my account.

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