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너무 많은 주제들을 다루고 있어 내용들이 전체적으로 산만합니다. 저자가 Second State의 CEO이고 CyberMiles 재단의 공동 설립자라서 그런지 관련 내용을 매우 많이 다룹니다. 이와 관련되어 관심을 갖고 있는 분들에게는 좋은 참고자료가 될 것 같습니다.


몇 가지 기억할 만한 본문 내용만을 인용하도록 하겠습니다.

It is often beneficial to develop your applications on an Ethereum-compatible blockchain rather than the Ethereum blockchain itself.

You have seen the Second State DevChain as a clear example of a fast Ethereum-compatible blockchain. Later in this book, we will use the CyberMiles public blockchain as another Ethereum-compatible alternative for developers. The CyberMiles public blockchain is optimized for e-commerce applications. But at the same time, it is fully compatible with Ethereum languages and tools with faster execution speed, faster transaction confirmation time (10s), and much lower cost (1,000 times cheaper).

Signing raw transactions is beyond the scope of web3.js. We use the EthereumJS library here to work in conjunction with web3.js. In particular, the ethereumjs-tx project provides ways to sign transactions using private keys. The private keys are typically stored in database tables in this case.

I believe that advanced off-chain storage and querying of blockchain data, especially smart contract execution data, is going to be a key component in the dapp ecosystem as well.

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In this chapter, we focus on the open source search engine built by Second State. It works with all Ethereum-compatible blockchains and is production ready.

Tendermint provides infrastructure software that allows developers to build their own blockchain solutions. The Tendermint approach has two unique characteristics.

  • Tendermint utilizes a Byzantine fault tolerant (BFT) algorithm that allows for up to one-third of nodes failing or behaving maliciously.
  • Tendermint consensus is reached by designated validator nodes. There are only a limited number of validators on the network.

An important space to watch is the development of the Cosmos SDK, which could dramatically simplify the development of Tendermint-based application blockchains.

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