[Age of Agency – Rise with AI] 세미나 3. 1부. Master your own agency – 2장. Defining Agency

1부. Master your own agency에서는 ai로 대체하기 어려운, 강화해야 할 인간의 능력들 – observation, resourcefulness, creativity을 다룬다.


2장. Defining Agency

ai는 경쟁 대상도 두려움의 대상도 아니다. 잘 활용해야 도구이다. 이전 도구들에서는 생각 못했던, 사람 만이 해 낼 만한 일들도 해 내는 도구다. 사람 만이 해 낼 일들이라고 생각하던 일들을 ai가 해 냄에 따라, 사람은 ai에게 넘겨줄 수 없는 능력 개발에 시간과 노력을 들 일 수 있게 된다.

AI is not just forcing us to compete; it’s compelling us to evolve. The urgency to outshine yesterday’s best has never been more pressing. In the wake of AI’s vast potential, we are reminded of our untapped reservoirs of creativity, innovation, and empathy. The real value of AI doesn’t just lie in its capacity to empower us but also in its ability to mirror our potential, to push us towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.

AI is a powerful, transformative tool, yes – but a tool nonetheless. And as with any tool, its efficacy lies in its wielder’s hands. This fundamental understanding paves the way for a significant paradigm shift in our approach to AI: moving from restriction to empowerment.

AI should be viewed as an augmentative tool, complementing human intelligence and judgement. The future should revolve around collaborative models where humans employ AI to derive optimal outcomes, always under the careful gaze of human vigilance.


사람 들은 사람이 해 낸 일에 가치를 부여 하고, 그 일을 한 사람이 가치를 만들었다고 한다. 도구를 사용 했다고 도구가 가치를 만들어 냈다고 하지는 않는다.

사람 만이 할 수 있다고 생각했던 일을 도구인 ai가 한다면, 가치를 만든 건 여전히 사람이다. 그런데 이런 일은 기존에 접했던 것과는 많이 다르다. 새로운 경험이니 헷갈릴 수 있다. ai로 작곡 했을 때 누가 작곡한 것인가? 라는 질문은 그러한 혼란이 야기한 거다.

Whether you’re a writer, an artist, a programmer, an entrepreneur, or a teacher, AI can augment your skills, extend your reach, and help you make a greater impact. And in return for the value you provide, you receive money, not as a measure of your self-worth, but as a tool to facilitate further exchanges and to allow for the continuous cycle of value creation and distribution.

Ultimately, the concept of computer agency is a misnomer. It is a seductive idea, but it does not exist in the literal sense. The belief in computer agency overlooks the inherent complexities of decision-making and the nuances only a human mind can navigate. As we continue advancing in our AI journey, let’s remember that the reins of agency should remain in human hands. By doing so, we can leverage AI’s capabilities responsibly and effectively and continue to harness its potential while acknowledging and respecting its limitations.

While we continue to develop AI and strive for advancements, let’s not lose sight of the incredible capacity we already possess – human agency. Let’s invest in nurturing this human ability. Let’s appreciate the proficiency of Jimmy, Jane, and millions of others who exhibit human agency every day. Let’s not just celebrate AI achievements; let’s also celebrate the human capacity that makes these achievements possible.
In doing so, we may find that the key to unlocking the full potential of AI doesn’t lie in the mirage of computer agency but in the reality of human agency. Let’s embrace this irony and leverage it, not just for advancing AI, but for enriching human society. The human–AI future we envision isn’t one where AI supersedes humans but one where AI enhances human agency, empowering us all to achieve more.

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